Irfis System

Cyllenex’s core business is the development of software product - Cyllenex Irfis.

Irfis helps to solve many routine tasks in Capital Markets. It will be useful for brokers, traders, sales managers, risk officers, back office, and many other members involved in the process of financial communication.

Irfis coverage

Supported products:

  • Equity products
  • Commodity products
  • Money market products
  • Inflation products
  • Currency products

Supported types of transactions:

  • Plains deals;
  • Futures deals;
  • Forward deals;
  • Options deals;
  • Swaps deals;
  • Structured deals;
  • Other Derivatives;

Irfis modules

Irfis contains the following financial modules:

  • Front Office manager -deals booking, P&L calculation...;
  • Middle Office manager - limits control, risk analysis;
  • Back Office manager - accounting, internal calculations;
  • Optimizer - optimization of the various parameters in the business models;
  • Infrastructure manager - configuration and management structure and components of the business model of the client;
  • Irfis Reporter - development, management and generation of reports ;
  • Irfis Gate - powerful factory for import and export of data and reports between Irfis and other systems.