Our company

Cyllenex is an international IT-company that provides full range of services in the field of professional software development, systems integration, strategic and technological IT-consulting, testing, maintenance and support of software in the financial sector.

The Cyllenex company uses tried and tested over the years technological approaches to quickly and efficiently develop and implement application software systems of information type, designed to operate in large financial institutions.

The control of work quality and its results is carried out in accordance with the Company's quality management system. All the stages are monitored: design, development, implementation of programs, software systems, automated systems and its modification, adaptation, development, technical support in accordance with ISO 9000:2000 (EN).

Cyllenex company provides full range of software support services. User training is conducted both on the place and in the Cyllenex Training center, fitted with modern computers and demonstration equipment. Trainings, specialized seminars, meetings of experts and presentation events are held on the base of Training center.

Our team, knowledge and experience are the main value of Cyllenex. Young professionals with international experience in software development offer the most streamlined and logically arrayed solutions in the field of banking software. The services are simple, clear and optimized.

Cyllenex’s solutions are highly-valued for analysis and automation of financial segments of your business.